The Power of Plants

 Last year, I had very little control over my life. Honestly, I felt like I was sleepwalking through it. I had very little energy and I had to take a nap every single day just to get through the whole day. When I was awake, all I could think about was when I could get my next nap in. This was especially difficult when I was traveling and trying to experience new places and connect with new people. 

My motivation was dwindling which caused me to lose sight of some really important dreams and goals that only recently appeared in my line of vision again. I realized that my body was broken. My health was so poor, and it’s always been that way. I never paid attention to or cared about what I was putting into my body and how it was affecting my mental health, sleep, and energy.

When I went vegan back in January, I thought that would heal me and completely restore my energy levels, but in reality, I was just eating the same foods I ate before. Vegan pizza, vegan ice cream, just a bunch of vegan junk. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely felt better once I stopped putting processed meat and dairy in my body, but I was still exhausted ALL the time.               

Three weeks ago I committed to a 10 day organic non-gmo superfood cleanse and for the first time in a very long time, possibly ever, I felt healthy. My sleep was regulated, I finally had enough energy to carry me through my chaotic days and weeks, and even better, I’ve been craving healthy, wholesome foods over the junk that I would binge eat all day.

Since the cleanse, I’ve been incorporating these superfoods into my daily regimen and I am SO grateful for how amazing my physical, mental, and spiritual health is feeling. Just from one month of honoring my body with proper nourishment. I cannot wait to see how these powerful superfoods continue to transform my health!

Honestly, I’ve been feeling so passionate about this since I’ve tried it and all I want to do is share it with people. I want to help bring healing to the world, to the people who feel broken and worn down. Our bodies are living miracles and with the proper nourishment, they can heal and flourish! It’s not just about surviving, it’s about THRIVING!

Is any of this resonating with you? There are two ways you can bring these amazing superfoods into your life.


This is for the broken, worn-down, and unenergized who need healing. This is where I was back in February. I needed my energy back and I wanted to feel more in touch with my body, so I reached out to my soul-brother Jacob and he recommended a 10-day transformation weight loss cleanse that changed my life. I’ve been using these plant medicines for about a month now and it just keeps getting better. I go for a run almost every day now and I HATED running. How crazy is that?? If you want this for yourself, please reach out to me! Send me a message on Facebook (Jessica Danae Miller) or hit me up on Instagram (@whosthatgirlll) I would love to connect with you and introduce you to these plant medicines!


A Call to Action:

This is a call to action for all healers, philanthropists, and passionate people! Did this SUPER resonate with you? Do you want to join the revolution of bringing healing through plant medicine to the world? I’m in love with this farm-to-family business of healing and sustainability, but what I love most is the PEOPLE I get to work with! They are some of the most genuine, compassionate, loving, and encouraging people I have ever met! And I get to connect with them almost every day if I want to, through Zoom video connect calls! I am so grateful I have an incredible team to call my OHANA! And I want to bring more people who are passionate about this lifestyle onboard!!! How do you feel about helping people heal through powerful, organic, non-gmo superfoods AND make a residual income while doing so?? If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please send me a message! I would LOVE to connect with you and hear how you want to revolutionize the world!