Intentional Living- Welcome to My Blog!

Hey, hello, hi! Most of you probably know me as your weird, slightly awkward, and insufferably optimistic friend, Jess. If you’ve stumbled across this blog and have no idea who I am, please allow me to introduce myself!

I’m Jessica, but most people call me Jess! I am a 22 year old photographer, student, USAF reservist, and alien. (Okay there’s no real proof that I’m an actual alien but it just seems right). For about four years now, I’ve been changing, creating, and exploring this weird and wonderful life in the pursuit of happiness and purpose.


On this journey, I’ve experienced all kinds of different lifestyles from the strict routines of Air Force bootcamp, to the no routines of a nomadic hippie life on the road. I’ve travelled to 20 countries, met countless incredible human beings that have undoubtedly impacted and inspired me, and have been learning more about the interconnectedness of all life while learning about religions, spirituality, and diving deep into sweet Gaia and all of her divine beings and environments. I keep falling in love with every part of this world and this human experience in new ways, constantly. Everytime I travel to a new place, meet a new person, or gain a new perspective, I grow and love and feel inspired. 

Living in a state of consistent joy is something that I learned to maintain just in the past few years, and that has led me to the creation of this blog in hopes that it will inspire and empower others in their pursuit of joyful living.

Three practices have completely transformed my life from one of depression, self-worth issues, and feeling detached to one of joy, peace, and love.

  1. The Practice of Gratitude

  2. The Practice of Self-Love

  3. The Practice of Intentional Living

Once a week, I’ll be posting about these practices and how they’ve changed my life. I’ll be sharing stories from travels, talking about decisions that have changed my life (such as joining the military and going plant-based), and overall just talking about the power of living with intention, from the smallest actions and thought processes. Thank you for holding this space with me and hearing what I have to say. I deeply appreciate you taking the time out to see me and hear what I have to say!

Until next time, have a B-E-A-U-TIFUL day!

With Love,


Jessica Miller